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Bird: Email, SMS, WhatsApp
Của Bird
Cài đặt miễn phí

Bird: Email, SMS, WhatsApp

Của Bird
Connect with customers across email, SMS, & more
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Cài đặt miễn phí

Tổng quan về Bird: Email, SMS, WhatsApp

    Broadcast Marketing - Send blasts to target audiences on popular chat channels
    Conversational Commerce - Deliver a 1st class shopping experience within chat
    Abandoned Cart - Re-engage users that have left products in their cart
    Conversational Chatbots - Answer FAQs, recommend products, and design custom chat flows without a developer
Bird CRM makes communicating with businesses as easy as talking to a friend. Send personalized marketing campaigns on preferred channels like WhatsApp, significantly increasing engagement. Coordinate outreach with Wix activities to build a true omni-channel engagement experience. Launch intelligent chatbots in minutes to reduce the support burden on your team. Handoff to agents when necessary and communicate directly with customers from a shared inbox, no matter what channel they're using.
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