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Wix Stores
Của Wix
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Wix Stores

Của Wix
Professional eCommerce platform to sell online
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  • Tổng quan về Wix Stores

        Create a professional online store for your website with custom product pages, shopping cart and more
        Manage your orders, inventory, shipping, fulfillment and finances—from a single platform
        Sell across multiple channels, like Facebook, Instagram and more
        Accept secure online payments for your products and subscriptions
    Get the industry-leading eCommerce platform to run and grow your business online—trusted by over 7M businesses worldwide. - Create a Professional Storefront: Customize your design, product pages, cart page and more - Manage Fulfillment End-to-End: Monitor inventory, process orders, set custom shipping rates, print shipping labels and track packages—all from your Wix dashboard - Automate Sales Tax Calculation: Get automated sales tax calculation and the most current rates worldwide with Avalara® - Optimize Your Checkout: Offer in-cart previews, express checkout and display shipping and tax estimates at checkout - Accept Secure Online/Offline Payments: Get paid with all major credit cards and choose a payment provider, like Wix Payments, Paypal, Stripe and more - Target the Right Shoppers: Sell across multiple sales channels, including your custom site, Facebook, Instagram and more - Send Automated Emails: Recover abandoned shopping carts, promote seasonal offers and offer loyal customers coupons and discounts - Rank on Google: Get found on search engines with advanced SEO tools and a custom SEO plan for your online store Get 24/7 customer support.
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