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Tukse Live Support Chat
Của Tukse
Có gói miễn phí

Tukse Live Support Chat

Của Tukse
Live Chat With Multiple Rooms & Mobile Support
3.0 (2)
Có gói miễn phí

Tổng quan về Tukse Live Support Chat

    Create unlimited chat rooms, whether for group discussions or private conversations
    Chat available for mobile browsers too, enabling site visitors to effortlessly contact you from any device for seamless communication and support
    Save and access pre-defined replies for quick responses to visitor questions
    Restrict access to the chat for specific users and maintain a personalized and secure communication environment
Stay connected and boost your business with our Live Chat app. Engage with website visitors in real-time, increase sales, and provide exceptional customer support. Effortlessly communicate, convert leads, and build relationships with our intuitive and powerful features. Take your business to new heights with seamless live chat interactions. Try it now.
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Xếp hạng trung bình

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Giá và gói

GÓI Basic

Miễn phí

Choose to have private or group room
Up to 10 participants
Up to 35 messages per participant
GÓI Starter


Up to 2 private and group chat rooms
Utilize chatbot for FAQs
Add a business logo, look professional
Up to 30 participants and 100 messages
GÓI Professional


Up to 5 private and group chat rooms
Exchange attachments with users
Control chat access with blacklisting
Up to 100 participants
GÓI Business


Unlimited private and group rooms
Unlimited partipicants
Unlimited messages
Full access to chat functionalities
* Giá tính bằng USD

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