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Wix Reservations
Của Wix
Cài đặt miễn phí

Wix Reservations

Của Wix
Take reservations 24/7 directly from your site
Cài đặt miễn phí
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  • Tổng quan về Wix Reservations

        Set reservation rules: set limits on party sizes and how long you will hold a table
        Get notifications: get alerts by phone or email whenever a new reservation appears in your dashboard or the Wix Owner app
        Reduce cancellations: send SMS, email and calendar confirmations to reduce cancellations and no shows
        Manage on the Wix Owner app: check and approve reservation requests when you’re on the go
    Simplify the way you take and accept reservations. With Wix Reservations, give customers the convenience of booking a table right on your site, 24/7.
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