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Wix Forum

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Create communities, discuss, and drive traffic
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  • Tổng quan về Wix Forum

        Keep discussions civil with automated moderation tools
        Customize your forum with different layouts, colors, fonts and sizing
        Reward your members with custom badges
        Monetize your forum with paid categories
    Wix Forum lets you create a space for people to connect and share information with each other. Build and maintain a healthy community with powerful customization and moderation tools: - Customize your forum pages to look like traditional forums or modern social feeds. - Choose your own colors, fonts, and sizes to brand the space to your liking. - Keep your community healthy by managing posts, categories, and moderating members with a single management tool. - Preview posts with Post Approval before publishing them to ensure appropriate and high-quality content. - Approve, reject, bulk delete, and move posts. - Configure individual permissions for each category or keep your forum completely public. - Monetize your forum by creating paid categories that can only be accessed by paying members. - Create and automate badges to reward members for their contributions to the community. - Follow other members to receive notifications whenever someone you follow posts or comments. - Include polls, images, videos, files, code blocks, and other plugins to your discussions. - Choose upvotes and downvotes or use reactions to rate other posts and comments.
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