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Provecho Recipes
Của Provecho, Inc
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Provecho Recipes

Của Provecho, Inc
Easily share beautifully formatted recipes.
4.0 (9)
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  • Tổng quan về Provecho Recipes

        Beautifully formatted recipes
        Embedded videos in recipes
        Upload and edit recipes from your site
        Improve SEO
    Provecho Recipes lets anyone easily share beautifully formatted recipes with in their website. Similar to a blog, the plugin will automatically generate new pages for your site for each recipe you add. The recipes are beautifully formatted and included features such as: - Enhanced SEO - Embedded videos - Linked ingredients for each step - Scaling and unit conversion Our recipe upload form is easy to use and lets you add and edit recipes directly from the site dashboard. The latest recipes widget lets you showcase your latest recipes on your home page or anywhere else on your site. The search widget lets users search for recipes or blog posts from anywhere on your site.
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